Amber Sizing Guide 
When worn as an Anklet 
14cm 0-1 years 
16cm 1-2 years 
18cm 2-4 years
When worn as a Bracelet
14cm 3-7 years
16cm 7-12 years
18cm Adult Wrist
Babies and Children come in all shapes and sizes so this is just a guide. A piece of string can be used to measure your little ones wrist or ankle to help make the decision. You are looking for a measurement under the length you want to purchase as we need to accommodate the chunkiness of the amber beads. This normally adds close to 1cm to the length needed.  
32-33cm Baby - 3yrs 
34 - 46cm 3yrs- 12yrs 
42 - 60 cm will fit an adult  
The length is a personal preference. Using a piece of string cut to the length of the piece you are looking at purchasing may help in determining what length suits you most.