Behind the name

This label has been evolving just as I have been. We have grown, released, stretched, grown and released a little more. As time has gone on I have gained more and more clarity around what it is I really want to be bringing to you, my customers.

Unbeknownst to me the journey to this new name began with the conception of my third SUN. At just 8 weeks along he shared his name strong and clear and since this moment the theme of light, sunshine and pure joy has illuminated in my life more so than ever before. I have three gorgeous SUNS, my youngest’s is named after the SUN and my wardrobe and home is and always has been full of all the sunshiney, warm shades that remind me of her love and warmth. 

SEEDS represent our new little seedlings. The seeds that have been brought here to nourish  and grow for our earth. Starseeds, light seekers, children of the new world, the healers.