Soleil Mama Ever Bundle

Soleil Mama Ever Bundle

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Includes 1 x Adult Brass Ever Bangle and 1 x Soleil 18cm bracelet. You can choose your colour. 

Ever Bangles are made by the gorgeous Caitlin local artist from Flame and Pickle. 

The beautiful finish of the brass has a matte, warm, aged quality with rustic scorched ends.The innovative shape of the bangle means that it can be stretched and moulded to fit from infancy into adulthood.
Wear your brass Ever Bangle everywhere (even the shower!) to keep it looking lustrous.

Soleil is designed with Raw Cognac Amber , Raw Lemon Amber and A Grade Sunstone

SUNSTONE is a stone of personal power and expansion. Enhances intuition and allows the real self to shine through.

Only A grade, undyed, unenhanced gemstones are used. 

More information on my sizing can be found here

Each piece is handmade and therefore unique so may vary in size and appearance. It features a screw safety clasp and is knotted for safety and piece of mind.

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